The omniverse is composed of opposite polarity universes of atoms comosed of electrons and positrons, 2d and 3d photon quanta with opposite and like polarity to the monopole fields of stars and planets in each polarity universe and electrons in one polarity universe have the same polarity as positrons in the other.


Transformation of electrons and positrons into atoms increases the mass and density of stars and planets held together in solar systems and galaxies by gravity and stars are electrically repelled by like polarity of their solar winds which increases as star density increases, powering the accelerating expansion of the universe.

The stars and galaxies of opposite polarity universes are electrically attracted and matter and antimatter universes intersect at wormholes. The repulsion between like polarity solar winds plus the attractive force between opposite polarity solar winds powers universal movement galaxies toward wormholes where frictional forces denature infalling matter and antimatter into ions and electrons.

Electrons are electrically repelled by the like polarity of opposite polarity universes and ejected from wormholes in high velocity jets. Infalling ions are electrially attracted to opposite polarity universes, and stripped of electrons denature into protons which denature into 4 electrons and 9 positrons, electrons and positrons annihilate into photons resulting in residual positrons.

With opposite polarity to ambient fields positrons transform into electrons and are ejected from wormholes in high velocity jets which electrify deep space.


Gravity is the sum of attracive forces between dipole charges induced in the same instant by atoms and solar and planetary fields. Protons cycle positron trios through nested positions and induce dipole charge as neutrons and proton electron pairs cycle positron trios through singularity in the same instant with three electrons.

The fields of stars and planets cycle monopole charge induced by core ions and dipole moments induced by core rotation through nested positions and induce dipole charge as field lines cycle charge and moments to the outer position through singularity at the center of mass, 8 times per second.

Core ions induce monopole charge in the same instant fields induce dipole charge at the center of mass, and ions induce repelling forces which increase inversely as the square of the distance between their like charges. The repelling force is captured by the field and transforms monopole into dipole charge. When gravitational collapse disrupts the fields of first generation stars, the repelling force between core ions is restored and the star explodes in a supernova.

Like atoms in like energy states cycle in the same instant, emit photons absorbed between cycles, and induce dipole charge as positon trios cycle through singularity with 3 electrons. Fields and core atoms induce dipole charge in the same instant 8 times per second. Ambient atoms are entrained by sunlight to periodically induce dipole charge in the same instant as fields and core atoms.


The ionized cores of stars and planets transform the rotational momentum of moving charges into dipole moments, a vector force captured by their fields which increases the momentum of orbiting ions in the direction of core rotation and powers high velocity ring currents around the equatorial planes of stars and planets.

Moments captured by Jupiter’s field power atmospheric ring currents ionized by sunlight in the direction of core rotation and power negative ion ring currents in the opposite direction around Jupiter’s poles electrified by charges captured from the solar wind on field lines grounded in Jupiter’s atmosphere in the auroral ovals.

Southwest Research Institute scientists helped identify incredibly powerful winds in Jupiter’s atmosphere for the first time. The team used molecules exhumed by the 1994 impact of comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 to trace winds in excess of 900 miles per hour near Jupiter’s poles.


Increasing mass or velocity of an orbiting body has a multiplier effect on the orbital momentum but no effect on gravity which depends on the mass of the orbited body therefore increasing mass or velocity of an orbiting body increases momentum and orbital radius and decreases gravity as the orbital radius increases.

Scientists thought they knew the rate at which the giant moon Titan is moving away from Saturn, but they recently made a surprising discovery: Using data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, they found Titan drifting a hundred times faster than previously understood — about 4 inches/year.


The lifeforce composes the holographic dimension of solar and planetary fields which cycle charge and moments through the biosphere 8 times per second, incarnating the spirits of lifeforms between cycles composing their bioelectric fields which project holograms ordering the sequence of cellular processes and lifeform behavior appropriate for development stage and ambient conditions.

The Krebs Cycle oxidizes glucose derivatives, fatty acids and amino acids to carbon dioxide (CO2) through a series of enzyme controlled steps. The purpose of the process is to collect electrons by oxidizing them, which are transported by activated carriers NADH and FADH2 to the electron transport chain.


MH-370 disappeared on 8 March 2014, with 12 crew members and 227 passengers enroute from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China. It has not been determined what caused its disappearance and is the greatest mystery in aviation history.