The omniverse is composed of matter and antimatter universes where electrons in one polarity universe have the same polarity as positrons in the other. Atoms are electrons and positrons, 2d and 3d photon quanta with opposite and like polarity to the fields of stars and planets in each polarity universe.


The solar winds of stars are protons transformed from photons induced by mantle heating. Solar winds are powered by the repelling force between solar ions which cycle in the same instant and induce monopole charge and repelling forces between their like monopole charges. UV radiation ionizes atoms in deep space freeing electrons which induce opposite monopole charge in the same instant as solar wind ions.

solar heliosphere

Opposite monopole charges induced in the same instant are electrically attracted which induces a voltage potential between stars and deep space powering solar electric currents and increasing the kinetic energy of solar current electrons until electrical resistance of the photosphere transforms kinetic energy into starlight.

protons are photons


The solar electric current electrifies the ionized corona which traps and conduct electrons on solar field lines grounded on the solar core and induce repelling forces between like charges which powers CMEs which trap electrons on field lines draping the CME leading edge and the repelling force between CME electrons extends CME field lines anti-sunward.

When CMEs intersect the planetary fields, electrified field lines drape and open circuits with planetary field lines grounded in their atmospheres inside the auroral ovals which induces a voltage potential powering high velocity sheet currents of CME electrons along field lines into sectors of the auroral ovals facing the night sky during geomagnetic storms.


SolarCycle 24: 2013 x 2014 x 2015 x 2016 x 2017
Solar Cycle 25: 2021-24

Extreme weather is powered by the repelling force between electrons, charging sectors of the auroral ovals facing the night sky during geomagnetic storms, which induce like monopole charge in the same instant and repelling forces which powers expansion of the electrified air mass away from the poles, and increases wind speed, barometric pressure and extreme weather along the interface with the mid latitude air mass.


The Coreolis Force powers anticlockwise rotation of moving storm cells along electrified storm fronts, and powers high velocity anticlockwise ring currents of ionized cloud droplets transforming the momentum of moving charges into dipole moments which induce their sum as a dipole field along the rotation axis attracting ring current droplets toward the ground.


Electrified weather systems charge the deepwater oceans, inducing a voltage potential between the oceans and core where electrons transform into planetary field lines and photons induced by mantle heating transform into protons. The voltage potential powers core electric currents through the electrolyte discharge from hydrothermal vents which fill and fertilize the oceans.

Core electric currents transform in exothermic reactions with protons transformed from photons into mantle elements composing magma plumes upwelling from the core which increases mantle mass and planetary surface area, as magma forms new lithosphere between the spreading oceanic plates.


The spread rates suggest the deepwater oceans began formation at the beginning of the Mesozoic era when the lithosphere was equal to the surface area of the continental landmasses and planetary mass, surface area, and surface gravity was the same as the planet Mars, with 10% of Earth’s mass and 40% of Earth’s gravity. In the 250 million years since then Earth’s mass has doubled over three times and surface gravity has increased by two and a half times.

In humans and bovids, cortical bone has been evaluated to withstand maximum stress. Hence, within the context of comparable loading regimes, the mechanical state of each sauropod model examined suggests that all skeletal pedal postures would most likely have resulted in mechanical failure (e.g., stress fractures).

This state would have been intensified when subjected to repetitive heavy loadings, as would be expected during normal locomotion, ultimately resulting in fatigue fracture in all digits. Being unable to support or move properly, the high probability of mechanical failure would have had a substantial impact on the animal’s survival.