Atoms are electrons and positrons, 2d and 3d photon quanta with opposite and like polarity to the fields of stars and planets, composed of monopole charge and dipole moments induced by their ionized rotating cores, trapped in cycling frames by field lines transformed from electrons. The omniverse is matter and antimatter universes where electrons in one polarity universe have like polarity to positrons in the other.


Protons are transformed from high energy photons which transform into electron positron pairs at the surface of solar and planetary cores, where electrons transform into field lines, resulting in residual positrons which merge in trios, three trios are trapped by transiting electrons and transform into protons which cycle positron trios through nested frame positions as the inner frame cycles to the outer position, emits photons absorbed between cycles and induces like charge to the monopole field as charge sum of a positron trio and two electrons cycling through the same singularity.

solar heliosphere

Protons transformed from photons compose the solar winds of stars, powered by the repelling force between their like charges, which fill their heliosphere with like polarity ions to the solar field. UV starlight ionized atoms in deep space outside their heliospheres which free electrons and the attractive force between electrons and solar wind ions induces a voltage potential between stars and deep space powering solar electric currents which transform the voltage potential into kinetic energy until electrical resistance transforms kinetic energy into starlight.

solar electric currents heat the photosphere


The planetary field harvests electrons from the solar wind on field lines inflated outside the atmosphere by high velocity ring currents, grounded in their atmospheres which electrify sectors of the auroral ovals facing the night sky during geomagnetic storms and the repelling force between electrons powers expansion of the electrified air mass away from the poles, pushing back the ambient mid latitude air mass moving from west to east powered by dipole moments captured by the field.


Electrified weather systems charge the planetary surface inducing a voltage potential between the planetary surface and core where electrons transform into field lines powering core electric currents which transform into mantle elements in exothermic nuclear reactions, with protons transformed from high energy photons induced by mantle heating, which increases mantle mass and surface area of the lithosphere which increases as magma upwells and forms new oceanic lithosphere between the spreading continental plates.



Scientists thought they knew the rate at which the giant moon Titan is moving away from Saturn, but they recently made a surprising discovery: Using data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, they found Titan drifting a hundred times faster than previously understood — about 4 inches (11 centimeters) per year.

The drift of Titan away from Saturn is caused by Titan’s increase in orbital angular momentum as Titan’s mass increases from transformation of electrons and protons transformed from photons into mantle elements which increases Titan’s mass and angular momentum, a vector force opposing gravitational attraction between Titan and Saturn.

Titan’s increase in mass has a greater effect on increasing the centrifugal force of Titan’s angular momentum than increasing the force of gravity between Titan and Saturn resulting in Titan moving to higher orbits as Titan’s mass increases.

The lifeforce is natural intelligence which remember the sequence of cellular processes, instincts, and learned behaviors of biosphere lifeforms and is embedded in the holographic dimension of field lines dropping from the ionosphere current sheet 7.83 times per second, draping landscape and lifeform surfaces between cycles and informing spirits of lifeforms embedded in the holographic dimension of their bioelectric fields.