The lifeforce composes the fourth dimension of solar and planetary fields, and third dimension of their field lines which set the fundamental interval of time as field lines cycle charge and moments through singularity, in the same instant, at the center of mass, eight times per second.

The planetary spirit composes the third dimension of planetary field lines dropping from the ionosphere current sheet eight times per second draping landscape and lifeform surfaces between cycles and ordering the sequence of biosphere processes by animating the spirits of biosphere lifeforms composing the third dimension of their bioelectric fields.

The bioelectric fields cycle in the same instant in harmonics of the planetary cycle rate on the field lines of twin phase electrons draping cell surfaces between cycles and projecting opposite polarity holograms to the monopole field which controls ions and electrons and orders the sequence of cellular processes appropriate for development stage and ambient conditions.

The Krebs Cycle oxidises glucose derivatives, fatty acids and amino acids to carbon dioxide (CO2) through a series of enzyme controlled steps. The purpose of the process is to collect (eight) high-energy electrons by oxidising them, which are transported by activated carriers NADH and FADH2 to the electron transport chain.


The human spirit connects to the nervous system through the in-body chakras. Conscious awareness is centered in the heart chakra. The upper three chakras form the mental body and the lower three the emotional body. The awareness chakra of the mental body transforms sensory input into the human format of awareness, the center chakra of the emotional body adds emotion to awareness, the throat chakra adds voice to awareness, then the solar plexus chakra presents the sum to the front of the heart chakra.

Spiritual awareness, goals and aspirations are communicated to conscious awareness, and to unconscious awareness in dreams, from the back of the heart chakra. The root chakra grounds the spirit in physical reality and the crown chakra orders the sequence of life’s events according to karmic protocols.

The upper three chakras compose the mental body and the lower three chakras compose the emotional body. The awareness chakra, the middle chakra of the mental body, transforms visual, auditory and sensory data into the human perception of the physical world centered in. Mental awareness passes to the middle chakra of the emotional body and mental/emotional awareness passes to the…


Alpha waves in the human brain are between 6 and 8 hertz. The wave frequency of the human cavity resonates between 6 and 8 hertz. All biological systems operate in the same frequency range. The human brain’s alpha waves function in this range and the electrical resonance of the earth is between 6 and 8 hertz. Thus, our entire biological system – the brain and the earth itself – work on the same frequencies. -Nikola Tesla


Neurobiological studies show that the resonance frequency of the hippocampus [15] is 7,83 Hz. NASA was interested in the earth’s “heartbeat” from early on. Professor Persinger and other reputable professors such as Dr. Ludwig declared and considered this frequency as “biological norm”….


…Astronauts who left the ionosphere and re-entered earth suffered from strong physiological conflicts [16]. Persinger recognized the problem and fixed it. He designed little generators, which transmitted the Schumann Resonances, for astronauts to carry with them and protect them [6]. -Open Access Journal


That visual cue triggers a series of reflexes that sends neural signals to the dragonfly’s four wings, which are driven by a set of direct muscles that modulate the left-wing and right-wing pitch asymmetry accordingly. With three or four wing strokes, a tumbling dragonfly can roll 180 degrees and resume flying right-side up. The entire process takes about 200 milliseconds.


The temporal sensitivity and resolution of human vision varies depending on the type and characteristics of visual stimulus, and differs between individuals. The human visual system can process 10 to 12 images per second and perceive them individually, while higher rates are perceived as motion.[1].


Scientists from EPFL and the universities of Ulm and Zurich, now put forward a new model of how the brain processes unconscious information, suggesting that consciousness arises only in intervals up to 400 milliseconds, with no consciousness in between.


The metronome-like function of the gamma rhythm has been hypothesized before, but has been largely written off because gamma rhythms change in response to sensations, Moore added. These newly discovered “metronome” neurons — which spike around 40 cycles a second — do not.



Advanced civilizations have technology to travel virtually through the third dimension of field lines which fill the universe and transit wormholes, allowing users to instantly visit our planet from anywhere in the omniverse. Crop circles are made by galactic federation operatives answering prayers for healing by the planetary spirit, composing the fourth dimension of the planetary field.

What gave Crop Circles validity to the farmers who discovered them and looked at them closely enough was the presence of physical changes in the plants themselves. Uniformly worldwide, the flat appearance of the circle is generated not by the stems of the plants being broken down or forced over, but by a ninety-degree bending of the plant itself at the root node (the first node above ground) in many of the affected plants.

In the area of the design plants show: bent rather than broken stems (the plants constructing the design are not pushed over as they would be in a hoax, but rather anatomically altered), stretched plant nodes (the part of the plant at which its sections are joined together are extended) and expulsion cavities (the appearance of being blown out from the inside at lower nodes).

In the formation’s construction, the grain itself is woven together flat along the ground, with one layer beneath the next set at cross angles, fans of wheat one below the next, folded gracefully together and hidden beneath the formation’s top surface. Despite these anatomical changes, plants remain fully alive and will continue to grow. Within days they will begin to reorient themselves toward the sun, and slowly, one by one, once again stand up.

Also noticeable to farmers is the fact that the plants themselves are left unbruised, even crops that bruise easily or snap when bent by force. While these anatomical changes alone distinguish Crop Circles from human-made hoaxes, the farmers, who most often discover the formations, also attest to the formation’s authenticity. Speaking to the lack of evidence of intrusion found, they argue that if there had been anyone on their land they would know, often noting the absence of broken stems and the lack of footprints in their chalk, dry or wet, muddy fields.