The omniverse is in steady state. Solar and planetary fields transform electrons, captured by solar winds, and positrons, transformed from photons induced by mantle heating, into elements in exothermic reactions which increases the mass of growing galaxies, repelled by the fields of like polarity galaxies and attracted to the fields of opposite polarity galaxies, which powers universal expansion and attraction to opposite polarity universes which intersect at wormholes.

New research suggests an unseen ‘mirror world’ of particles that interacts with our world only via gravity that might be the key to solving a major puzzle in cosmology today — the Hubble constant problem.

Wormholes attract and denature infalling atoms into ions and electrons. Electrons are repelled by the opposite polarity universe and ejected from wormholes in high velocity jets. Ions are attracted to opposite polarity universes, are stripped of electrons, and denature into protons which denature into four electrons and nine positrons.

Electrons and positrons annihilate resulting in residual positrons, which are ejected from wormholes in high velocity jets and transform into electrons which electrify deep space and induce the voltage potential between stars and deep space.

. It’s known as the Shapley Supercluster. It contains more than 8000 galaxies and has a mass of more than ten million billion Suns. The Shapley Supercluster is, in fact, the most massive galaxy cluster within a billion light years, and we and every galaxy in our corner of the Universe are moving toward it.


The cores of stars are protons which induce monopole charge in the same instant and monopole charges induced in the same instant are repelled with a force increasing inversely as square of the distance between their like charges, which is captured by the solar field. When fields of first generation stars are disrupted by gravitational collapse the repelling force between core ions is restored and the star explodes in a supernova.

The repelling force between core ions powers the high velocity ring of ionized plasma and electrons which expands in the equatorial planes of exploded stars, and dipole moments, a vector force induced by core rotation captured by the exploded field, powering high velocity ion electron currents around the expanding ring.

Dipole moments of the exploded field induce a voltage potential which powers high velocity ring currents of plasma ions orbiting the expanding ring in the direction of rotation of the exploded core and trapped in current tubes of spiraling electrons which cycle in the same instant on the field lines of twin phase electrons.

In a new study, the team discovered that star formation is a self-regulatory process. In other words, stars themselves set their own masses. This helps explain why stars formed in disparate environments still have similar masses.


The lifeforce composes the fourth dimension of the cycling fields of stars and planets which balance entropy by ordering the sequence of solar and planetary processes, and ordering the sequence of biological processes appropriate for development stage and ambient conditions, by animating the spirits of biosphere lifeforms composing the third dimension of their bioelectric fields.


The angular momentum of orbiting bodies is the product of the velocity, mass and orbital radius which balances gravity. Increasing the mass or velocity of an orbiting body has a multiplier effect on angular momentum but does affect gravity, therefore increasing the mass or velocity of an orbiting body increases the orbital radius, and decreases gravity as the orbital radius increases.

Scientists thought they knew the rate at which the giant moon Titan is moving away from Saturn, but they recently made a surprising discovery: they found Titan drifting a hundred times faster than previously understood — about 4 inches (11 centimeters) per year.


The fields of stars and planets trap monopole charge and dipole moments induced by their ionized rotating cores in cycling frames by field lines transformed from electrons which cycle through nested frame positions as inner frames cycle to the outer position captures charge and moments induced by core ions and electrons intersecting the core between cycles.

Gravity is the sum of attractive forces between dipole charges induced in the same instant. Solar and planetary fields induce dipole charge, as field lines cycle charge and moments through nested frame positions as inner frame cycles through singularity to the outer position at the center of embedded mass, eight times per second.

Atoms induce dipole charge, as atomic neutrons and proton electron pairs cycle positron trios through singularity with three electrons. Fields and like atoms in like energy states cycle in the same instant, and ions composing the cores of stars and planets induce monopole charge in the same instant.

Fields capture charge induced by core ions which transforms monopole into dipole charge in the same instant fields induce dipole charge at the center of mass. Gravity is sum of attractive forces between dipole charges induced in the same instant by fields, by core atoms, by like atoms in like energy states, and by embedded atoms which periodically cycle in the same instant as the ambient field.